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In a pleasant and stress-free atmosphere in our practice you will receive a warm welcome, thanks to well-organized practice team is no or little wait in our waiting room necessary after thorough orthopedic examination, the necessary examinations are made or prompted. After diagnosis, all therapy options and alternatives are discussed in detail with you, as well as the benefits and chances of success of the proposed treatment.
In the practice treatment rooms numerous ambulant treatments, special injections and outpatient interventions are carried out with the most modern medical technology.
A competent treatment team of friendly and helpful staff, longtime specialist nurses, experienced anesthesiologists with the most gentle anesthetics and orthopedic specialized physiotherapy team and social workers ensure an optimal course of treatment and results.

Location: Praxis Wall Str 31 | 46535 Dinslaken

Conservative and operative consultations for registered and privately insured patients are carried out in the Yazji joint practice and Dr. Betz DOC (DinslakenOrthopädieChirugie) in Dinslaken. Outpatient operations are performed in our integrated surgical center in Dinslaken. There is a special permit for outpatient surgery and outpatient joint arthroscopic procedures.

   As part of the emergency consultation, patients with acute complaints or injuries as well as work-related accidents are treated without appointment

 Consultation hours:
Monday 8: 00-13: 00 15: 00-18: 00 clock
Tuesday 8: 00-13: 00 15: 00-17: 00
Wednesday 8:00 - 12:00
Thursday 8: 00-13: 00 15: 00-17: 00
Friday 8:00 -12: 00

Tel. No. 02064/12090

Location: Praxis Königsallee 20 | 40212 Dusseldorf

At this site, we provide conservative and surgical consultations for our privately insured patients, self-payers and international patients.

flexible speaking hours also on Saturday, Sunday and only by appointment

Appointment :
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Tel. No. 0049 (0) 211 - 13 15 00
Hotline Tel No. 0049 (0) 17624340546
SMS-appointment under Tel. 0049 (0) 17624340546

Location: Klinik Josef Str 3 | 46045 Oberhausen

In case of inpatient treatment, it is directly connected to state-of-the-art clinics in Oberhausen and Dusseldorf, so that our patients can also be optimally treated by our doctors during inpatient treatment and cared for personally. In our co-operative clinic there is a high hygienic standards of the entire medical center and Op-Center, a human pleasant atmosphere, the highest possible safety during anesthesia, the most modern monitoring, for careful care in the recovery room.

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