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Welcome to the official page of OrthoCenter NRW the german orthopedic bone and joint center in Germany.

Our medical center offers the latest conservative and surgical treatments for the diseases of the bone and joints, including arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement surgery  , in addition to the treatment of spine diseases and cosmetic foot problems. through the years of experience In the field of hip-, knee-, shoulder-, anklesurgery, arthroscopic surgery, We have been able to provide superior results with shortening the period of rehabilitation after surgery, adopting modern surgical concepts and solutions by using joints of high quality ensures long life of the joint .

For patients with spinal diseases or spinal canal, including diseases of the disc herniations nucleus pulposus or spinal stenosis and vertebral glides. Our medical center offers you a range of effective and conservative treatments, in order to avoid surgical procedures , including laser treatments or topical radiotherapy treatments. In addition to the package of physical treatments . in the field of foot surgery, especially cosmetic foot surgery for women, we offer advanced modern surgical solutions with special small surgical entrances to ensure the best results after the surgery.

Do You have a query or a case concerning a particular medical situation, send us file of the case and our medical team will study your case in detail and will provide you with the best solutions   of availibale effective treatment.

At the request of many patients come for treatment from Arab countries, especially the Gulf States, we formed a arabic speaking team and will accompany you during your treatment trip and to facilitate the procedures for obtaining the treatment visa from The German Embassy in the countries concerned. The Embassy will be provided with all medical documents. Upon completion of the visa application, you will be given Visa for medical treatment of the patient as well as the accompanying person.

We make also of the hotel reservation service and the patient transport service from Düsseldorf Airport, which is located just ten minutes from our medical center.
Additional and exclusive features are available in our two centers. Our constant efforts to recruit medical staff with the highest levels of professional training, And the use of the latest quality standards in the operating room and appropriate anesthesia methods, which reflected positively on raising the success rate of surgical operation to the highest levels while reducing the proportion of complications and complications to the lowest levels of the world

Estimated treatment costs provided to our foreign medical service high Quality and competitive prices compared with other surgical centers in the Federal Republic of Germany or on the level of the European continent. The cost of treatment depends on the German health insurance system and the fees of doctors and hospitals in force. The cost of treatment includes all surgery, anesthesia, surgical residency, all postoperative examinations as well as postoperative rehabilitation

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